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by Jet Set Satellite

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released November 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Jet Set Satellite Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The Strain S.1 + 2 (2014/15)

A.W.E. Wrestling (2007)

E.R. (2005)

Jonny Zero (2005)

Tru Calling (2004)

Dead Like Me (2003)

Judging Amy (2002)

Roswell (2001)

Bounty Hunters (2011)

Grizzly Rage (2007)

American Outlaws (2001)

Soul Survivors (2001)

EA Sports' NHL 2002
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Track Name: Ladykiller (105 BPM)
Kickin' back the day, I just tapped into what's been goin' down here
Sweet in its own way but I think I best go bleed alone
Look at ya now, look at ya now, look at ya now
You healed yourself right up before my eyes
Shuttin' me down, shut me down, shot me down
I never took you for the killin' kind
And it's got me hypnotized

Ah ah, you could've hesitated
Ah ah, but you saw your chance and played it
Ah ah, colour me devastated
Ah ah, sit back, relax, enjoy the show

Wish that I could stay but there's just this big, bad world a-callin' me, yeah
Taste a little shame but I'll wash it down with rock and roll
Look at ya now, look at ya now, look at ya now
You never moved like that when you were mine
Shuttin' me down, shut me down, shot me down
You won't be goin' home alone tonight
And it comes as no surprise

Ah ah, you could've hesitated
Ah ah, but you saw your chance and played it
Ah ah, colour me devastated
Ah ah, sit back, relax, enjoy the show

You got me hypnotized
Ah ah, we probably could've saved it
Ah ah, but I met my match in you, babe
Ah ah, didn't think you had it in ya
Ah ah, sit back, relax, enjoy it
Track Name: Vegas (138 BPM)
Well, you're not my type but I can go all night
And we can dance like it's the end of the world
Smashing, crashing, system blasting
Resisting every boy and girl
My blood's gone cold and I'm in the fold
As we're ready to push right through
Twisting turning, insides burning
Uniting everyone in the room

All fall down, your guard drops down, the sun goes down
At the height of black summer
All fall down, we're all sucked down, the walls come down
And yeah, we're going under again

Welcome to the drone with complete unknowns
Do ya feel it comin' on in waves?
Waiting, wanting, shameless flaunting
I need you more than ever to say
The devil's in your soul like a big black hole
I wouldn't want it any other way

You tried to fight it, it won't go away
A celebration that gives what it takes
Nothing sacred to believe
You're my new dependency
Track Name: We're Above This (156 BPM)
I nearly met my end
But now I've trickled back to life
You almost got the best of me, I guess
Kicked me while I was down
You hit me 'til I caved in
Just to remind me every now and then

That I'm above this, baby, yes it's true
Oh, I'm above this, baby, and so are you
We're above this, baby
Yes, it's true
Tried to guard my innocence
With a certain sense of eloquence
Here we go again

You say everything's a lie
You're wrong but you know you're right
It doesn't really matter what I say
I'm sorry that it didn't last
I know it happened all so fast
I swear I never wanted it this way

You're not my friend, knowing when
To condescend and seek revenge
You'll defend your better sense
Until the end, here we go again
Every now and then you're innocent,
Eloquent and hesitant
I passed your test, you got my best
The time I wasted striking out in self-defense
And now I'm glad I never met my bitter end
'Cause all we built is just a wreck
There's nothing left to defend
Track Name: If Not Now Never (110 BPM)
It happened on the say she spoke too soon
I'd gone before but only left the room
Oh no, please don't
Before I leave, I think I'll steal a kiss
Wear your memory upon my lips
Goodbye, I'll write
Kept me chained up here for far too long
My trusty guitar and a travellin' song
Is all I want

If you were to turn away
There's nothing left for me to say
I've made my hell and now
For once I'm feeling brave somehow
I think I'm finally on my way

I survived another sleepless night
A full moon blanket and the sheets pulled tight
All doom and gloom
Tried to skip takin' the long way 'round
An empty shortcut's the only thing I found
I know you know

Break my back another day
'Cause this one's far too blue to stay
Give me half a chance
To bounce right back from circumstance
I think I'm finally on my way
Track Name: XOXO (You Can't Go) (140 BPM)
Hello, hello, what do you know, honey?
Come along and ride with me
Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know
This is a pretty strange place to be
Ok, ok, we're running late today
I need to bring you up to speed
Oh, no wait, no wait, we'll play it safe, baby
Are you sure you're really on the scene?

Oh no, you can't go
Then why'd you say so?

Hello, hello, let's catch the show, honey
I think we've got some decent seats
I know you want to cut a rug lately
But this band has got a killer beat
I say, okay, do things your way, baby
Still, I got me two left feet
I'll wait, I'll wait back at the gate maybe
And pretend to work security

Oh no, you can't go
Then why you'd say?
Oh no, you can't go
And why? 'Cause I said so

XOXO before I go, honey
Me and you were never meant to be
I know you like this side of life, baby
But I'm not into astrology
Ok, ok, a second date maybe
I give in to you reluctantly
Oh, no wait, no wait, let's get this straight, baby
You never said you's only seventeen
Track Name: Walk Away (142 BPM)
Barely breathing
Alive but not awake
Holding out for absolute solutions
All in all an ordinary waste

So just walk away, isn't that the answer?
Walk away...isn't that your answer to everything?
But when the music stops, maybe that's the answer?
Will it still go on?
It still goes on

Misdirected angst
You're cold and laced with fear
Harbouring a flame that's long stopped burning
The mind replays to try and make things clear

No, you can't
No, you can't let go
Track Name: You And I (107 BPM)
We've been down this road
Losing faith and way off course
I could try to find the words for you
But this life of mine is all I know

You and I will be the ones
To light the darkness for everyone
Revelry in waiting, the two of us
Will cast our shadows on the fear of love

I've revealed my deepest doubts
On the verge of checking out
Ask me why, why I'd wanna lose
All the times I've shined when it's all I know

One thing always leads to another
And maybe we're not always right to each other
How nothing ever changes and, yeah, we'll go through phases
Still, I can't say goodbye